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“Good Evening and Welcome to Points West. In our headlines tonight...”

Having presented a wide variety of programmes over the years, Alex Lovell has become a familiar face on our television screens. As a main presenter on BBC Points West, she brings her own special brand of warmth and sincerity to our living rooms. But her career didn’t start here...

Alex grew up in Yorkshire and then moved to London to train as an actress.
After a few years treading the boards in many different productions, including “Blood Brothers,” she embarked on a journey that would bring her to her natural home on television.

Working in childrens’ theatre, Alex’s talent for making people feel relaxed and her sense of humour were quickly recognised.
She was offered her first major TV role as “Little Alex” on Playhouse Disney.

Alex’s next step was into a live television studio and light entertainment.
“Brainteaser” on Channel Five became cult viewing, as she coaxed answers from four terrified contestants on a daily basis. When the show moved to Bristol, she was able to show off her voiceover talents on “Deal or No Deal” as well as many other shows for Channel 4 and the Discovery Channel, and it was after this move that she joined BBC Points West in 2005.

She’s never quite lost the acting bug though and has appeared on Ian Hislop’s “My Dad’s the Prime Minister,” and “Casualty” for the BBC, as well as “The Bill” for ITV.

More recently Alex showed off her fearless side when she presented the BBC’s live “Crimewatch Roadshow.”
She accompanied the police on an early morning drugs raid and stuck close by officers as they dealt with revellers at Stonehenge.

During the amazing summer of 2012, Alex welcomed the Olympic flame to the West over three nights of live outside broadcasts; celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee at a big party on Bristol’s Downs and has interviewed countless Olympians and Paralympians about their success.

As a BBC regional news presenter, Alex never quite knows what the day will hold. She could be quizzing a politician about an unpopular policy or interviewing a small girl who has just sung with Jessie J at Glastonbury! But whatever’s happened in the news that day, one thing the viewers know is that Alex will share it with them with her usual professionalism and sense of fun.

Alex Lovell